The Parijat studio and workshop was established in 1992 primarily to promote hand block printing at a time when mechanized screen-printing was adversely affecting this age-old traditional craft and an entire community of crafts persons.

As a commitment to the environment the studio and workshop are situated in a garden surrounded by trees and plants, using friendly methods of production. The printing dyes used are natural/organic and the synthetic dyes, azo-free. Water used for the printing process is treated and recycled and then reused in the workshop or to water the surrounding garden.

With time Parijat has expanded its repertoire to include different techniques of traditional embroidery, hand screen-printing and hand machine embroidery. We are also helping to develop and promote traditional crafts of Gujarat like Bandhani the traditional name for tied and dyed fabrics, Applique and the Patola is woven in the single and double Ikat technique, where the threads are tied and dyed according to the pattern and then woven.

The studio workshop is used by many designers, artists and design students. Besides developing its own line of products Parijat also produces and manufactures products for various design companies.

The workshop houses a large library of block printing designs consisting of old Indian traditional patterns and contemporary designs and has a group of block makers attached to it and a well equipped tailoring unit.

Parijat means heavenly flower. The botanical name of which is Nyctanthes Arbortristis part of the oceaceae family. Very fragrant the flower blooms at night, filling the surrounding area with a wonderful fragrance.
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